PGS, Cognite Partner on Seismic Surveying

(Photo: PGS)

Marine geophysical firm PGS and artificial intelligence (AI) software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Cognite are teaming up in an effort to make seismic survey vessels work better, faster and more efficiently.
Venturing into a new area of the energy sector, Cognite has launched a digitalization project with Norway’s PGS, a leader in subsurface seismic imaging, to optimize its fleet’s performance, energy consumption and maintenance. PGS provides seismic images and 3D data describing the subsurface beneath the ocean floor, which oil companies rely on to find oil and gas reserves worldwide.
To operate this physically and technologically complex work in ways that improve upon both data-driven insights and efficiency, PGS and Cognite have launched two digitalization work streams aimed to strengthen PGS’s fleet performance. These include refining approaches to optimize fuel consumption and reduce the cost of maintenance by actively monitoring equipment via contextualized data.
“As part of our digital transformation journey we are partnering with Cognite in order to extract the full value of our vessel operations and their assets. The use of data to drive decision making will be key in this process,” said Rob Adams, EVP Operations in PGS.
Both work streams will leverage Cognite Data Fusion’s core technology to extract data from different source systems, making different types of data related to one piece of equipment easily accessible within a single interface. Cognite Data Fusion is a software package that integrates seamlessly with existing IT/OT infrastructures and liberates a wide variety of industrial data from siloed source systems.

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